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Avoiding the Stationery Trap: Insights from a Recovering Stationery Addict and an 18th Century Philosopher

In recent years, the humble notepad, pencil case and pen have transformed. Stationery has experienced an extreme makeover. I recently worked with a teenager girl who used a bright pink pen with a big diamond on top to take notes. This pen even had its very own feather bower. Another student had a pencil case […]

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Simple ways to boost your happiness while you study

Want to boost your grades and productivity this year? Then consider boosting your happiness and wellbeing. Research shows that happy students tend to be better students. When one is feeling good about themselves and their life then they are more likely to experience greater creativity and mental clarity as well as better relationships. When you’re […]

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How to boost your creativity and mental sharpness with a $2 investment

If you want to be someone who is super sharp and bursting with creative ideas and energy, then here’s my advice: Carry a notepad and pen with you everywhere you go. As digital media artist Aaron Koblin states – “They say an elephant never forgets. Well, you are not an elephant. Take notes, constantly. Save […]

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How to overcome mental blockages

What do you do when you get stuck in a rut? When you are not sure how to progress forward with a project it’s easy to procrastinate or even worse give up in frustration. The automatic habit for many of us is to go on Facebook and get screen sucked: aimlessly surfing the Internet to […]

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Adiós Laptop: The Power of Pencil and Paper

Call me old school but sometimes I like to get away from my computer screen and work with a pencil or a pen and some paper. In fact, I think humans create some of their best ideas when they work in this way as opposed to working within the rigid confines of a word document […]

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Boost your brainpower with a dose of nature

Picture this. A clear blue sky. Fresh clean air. Old ancient trees. Beautiful birdsong. Nice, eh? Now imagine this. Noise from traffic. Pollution. Dirty plastic waste. A sea of concrete. Let me ask you this – which scenery do you prefer? Judging from the huge digital image of a blue sky and mountains in the […]

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The Micromovement Method: A fun way for busy people to get things done

I recently came across a great technique to help busy people get things done. In the book “Juicy Pens Thirsty Paper” bestselling author Sark presents the idea of working in “micro movements”. Whilst her book is aimed at people who want to write a book, you can use this technique to help you complete any […]

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It’s all in the mind: Turning work into play

When I mention the word “work” or “study”, what immediately jumps to mind? Many of us can’t help but think of pressure, deadlines, the possibility of failure, fatigue, discomfort and a lack of choice. The word “play” on the other hand conjures up a whole other world. Relaxation, having fun, feeling energised and not being […]

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