It’s all in the mind: Turning work into play

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When I mention the word “work” or “study”, what immediately jumps to mind?
Many of us can’t help but think of pressure, deadlines, the possibility of failure, fatigue, discomfort and a lack of choice.
The word “play” on the other hand conjures up a whole other world. Relaxation, having fun, feeling energised and not being worried about achieving a certain outcome are […]

Don’t strain your cerebral cortex: The importance of brain warm ups

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My dad is 65 years old and he’s been running marathons for the last 4 years. Before a race he prepares himself mentally and physically by doing the following –
Getting a good night sleep (8 hours)
Having a healthy low GI breakfast
Stretching his muscles with a 500 metre jog
As a marathon runner he knows that to perform at his best he needs […]

Perfecting the Power Nap

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Feeling tired? Forget coffee or a redbull.
Try a power nap instead.
You may not realise, but you’ve already had plenty of practice at power napping. Think back to your days at kindergarten and pre-primary– nap time. Whilst you may have been forced to nap against your will, this was your time to re-energise and re-charge. And for most of us, it worked.
There […]