Strengthen your self control through a healthier lifestyle: Part 2

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There’s a place in Texas called Kenny’s Burger Joint. It’s a pretty typical burger place all but for one little..I mean BIG thing: The 7,000 calorie El Jefe Grande burger on the menu.
Before you can order this burger you need to sign a legal waiver. This actually is a good thing as it gives you an opportunity […]

How to strengthen your self control muscle: Part 1

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Well, here it is! Our latest mindmap on self control. In my last blog post I wrote about how psychological researchers have found self control to be a major factor that leads to academic and life success. In fact some scholars even claim it’s our number 1 success strategy.
Since there’s so much to this area, I’ll […]

Don’t Eat that Marshmallow: The Importance of Self Control

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We are faced with more temptations than ever before. Don’t want to do an assignment? Then log onto Facebook, check your email or watch some YouTube videos.
Yet research scholars claim that the ability to persevere with a task in the face of temptations (i.e. self control) is our number 1 success strategy. And we know this because of the trusty […]

How to get a power boost in 2 minutes

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Image from Amazon ArchivesWhat does wonder woman, chimpanzees and Usain Bolt all in have in common?
They strike power poses.
Chances are you may know someone who strikes such poses (legs and arms spread out, hands on hips or behind one’s head, chest puffed up, etc). These people typically exude power and dominance.
But the good news is you don’t need to have super powers or high status to experience power and confidence.
In fact, […]