The Ziegarnik Effect: Why you should never just ‘study’ or ‘revise’

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Have you ever said to yourself “I really need to study” or “I need to start revising” and days or weeks later you still hadn’t started but it had been weighing heavily on your mind all that time?
The problem with telling yourself to study or revise is that these tasks are too vague and they have no end point to them. […]

The Micromovement Method: A fun way for busy people to get things done

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I recently came across a great technique to help busy people get things done. In the book “Juicy Pens Thirsty Paper” bestselling author Sark presents the idea of working in “micro movements”.
Whilst her book is aimed at people who want to write a book, you can use this technique to help you complete any project in a fun and creative […]